Effective from 12.00 midday, August 16 2021, a 72 hour COVID-19 lockdown is in place for greater Darwin and Katherine.

Lockdown areas include; City of Darwin, City of Palmerston, Litchfield Council, Wagait Shire, Belyuen Shire, Dundee, Bynoe, Charlotte, Cox Peninsula and the Municipality of Katherine (including Tindal).*

From 12:01pm  August 16, residents from affected areas must stay at home for the 72-hour lockdown period and people are only permitted to leave home for the following five reasons:

  • Medical treatment, including COVID testing or vaccination
  • For essential goods and services, like groceries and medications
  • For work that is considered essential
  • For one hour of outdoor exercise a day within 5 km from your
    home with one other person or people from your house
  • To provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.

Masks must be worn if you leave your place of residence for one of these five reasons.

In response to a number of questions and requests for clarification, AFANT staff have been engaged with NTG and for those in the lockdown areas, we can confirm we have been advised:

Fishing is not considered exercise for the purpose of this lockdown and therefore is not one of the 5 reasons for leaving home

The focus now is on the health of the community and authorities are aiming for a short and effective lockdown. There are concerns that if people were allowed to go fishing they may need trips for fuel, bait or other items which could result in more interactions and add to the risk of COVID 19 spreading in the community.

The latest, up to date NTG COVID 19 advice can be found here:

*Please note that while correct at the time of publication, the information contained in this article is subject to change. Please visit https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/ for the latest current information.

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