In partnership with Fisheries NT, AFANT staff and volunteers helped tag 200+ Darwin Aquaculture Centre raised barramundi destined for release as part of the NT Government fish stocking program. The first 50 fish have been released into the Palmerston Lakes this week and we look forward to sharing announcements of further fish stocking including exciting new locations!

If you catch an AFANT tagged fish, please report your capture to the hotline 1800 456 410 or record the details directly on our website:


You will receive a certificate with the details on your fish and also a Big B52 lure prize thanks to Reidys Lures.


Your participation in the program will help make a valuable contribution to the effective management of barramundi in the NT.

To find out more about the Barramundi Research Tagging Program and to view latest tag data for the NT, visit our website:

AFANT Barramundi Research Tagging Program volunteer taggers: Warwick, Rowan and Paul.

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