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The  NT Recreational Fishing Development Plan 2012-2022 (RFDP) has guided management and development in the recreational fishing sector over the last decade. The plan was designed to help ensure that the Northern Territory maintains and enhances the quality of its fisheries and recreational fishing opportunities.

The current RFDP will expire at the end of this year, and a new RFDP (the new plan) is being developed to help guide and enhance the future of recreational fishing in the Territory.

Development of the new plan is being undertaken by the Fisheries Division in DITT in collaboration with the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT) and the NT Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC). Fisheries Division, AFANT and the RFAC are undertaking a program of stakeholder consultation during 2022 to ensure the new plan meets the needs and aspirations of the recreational fishing sector, and we want to hear from you!

To participate in the early stages of this consultation, you are encouraged to contribute your personal insights into recreational fishing in the Territory, by sharing your stories here. Fisheries staff and AFANT will also be talking to locals around Darwin boat ramps, land based fishing spots, and at tackle shops.  We are also encouraging fishers in remote locations to participate online.

The themes identified in your stories, will help inform a series of workshops with recreational fishing representatives and leaders from around the NT. A draft of the new plan will then be released for public comment through the ‘Have Your Say’ Website later in 2022.

NT Recreational Fishing Development Plan 2023 - 2033

NT Recreational Fishing Development Plan 2023 - 2033

AFANT and the Northern Territory Government are working with the The Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee, on a new Recreational Fishing Development Plan to guide our sector into the next decade. We are engaging with the recreational fishing community to gather stories about your fishing experiences and motivations. By sharing your stories, you can help inform how the community can be better served today and into the future. The insights you share will be used in the planning process to help us identify what's working well and what can be done to make improvements so that the NT's great recreational fishing can be enjoyed by Territorians and visitors for many years to come.

We would like to capture your experiences by answering a few key questions.

Your stories are kept anonymously and you are asked not to mention names of organisations or individuals. We are interested in hearing about your experience

How often do you go fishing?
What is your age?
Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander?

Why am I being asked these questions and why don’t you just ask me what the issues are? 

By sharing your stories with us you are providing a lot of detail about your experiences and motivations. Despite being an age old activity, fishing means different things to different people and peoples motivations, experiences, and the benefits they derive from fishing can be quite complex. This is why we want to hear directly from you about why you go fishing, what good fishing means to you, how fishing is sometimes not so good, and what an ideal future would look like through your eyes.

How will the information I provide be used in the drafting of the new Development Plan?

The opinions and experiences collected through our online and field interviews will be kept anonymous, and will be sorted to identify key themes. These themes, along with other research will help inform recreational fishing community leaders from right around the NT, as they undertake the process of drafting the new plan along with the NT Fisheries Division, AFANT and the RFAC.


A bit more about our interview questions….

Different people may have different motivations for going fishing. We would like to understand what it is that makes you decide to go fishing. It could be one main reason, or a lot of different reasons. Please give us as much detail as you can!

Tell us about one of your best fishing moments in the NT. Give us the details and tell us why this experience sticks out as one you will always remember fondly.

Not every experience is as good as it should be. Can you tell us about a time when a fishing experience wasn’t what you’d hoped? What factors contributed to making it that way?

Let’s pretend you’re 100% in charge of your fishing destiny. What would an ideal future fishing experience be for you? Tell us about what it would look like and why it would be so great.

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