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Your Vote for Recreational Fishing in the NT

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Recreational fishing is a prime lifestyle and cultural component of living in the Northern Territory with 25% of our population owning a boat and participating in this great sport of ours. The fisheries of the north are world class and the habitat that supports them is relatively pristine, allowing our $100 Million dollar economy based on recreational fishing to prosper.
AFANT believes that in order to ensure these fisheries and the great lifestyle we enjoy survives into the future we as anglers must be vocal about protecting, enhancing and supporting our fisheries.
Click on the link below to view our special AFANT Election Breakdown newsletter and a detailed summary of what each major political party is willing to fund to improve your recreational fishing experience in our AFANT Election Commitments document.

Please bear this in mind when you cast your vote on the 28th.

AFANT Election Commitments AFANT Election Breakdown