Report a Crocodile

You can report a crocodile that is a risk to public safety 24 hours a day.

You can report a croc anywhere in the Northern Territory (NT).

Crocodiles that pose a risk will be removed by trained wildlife rangers from the Parks and Wildlife Commission.

When to report a crocodile

While crocodiles are a natural part of the NT ecosystem, you should report crocodiles that are any of the following:

close to a swimming area
in an area signposted as open for swimming
in a residential area, such as at Darwin Harbour, Katherine River, Nhulunbuy or Borroloola
behaving aggressively to people or posing a risk to public safety.

Report by phone

If your report is urgent, you should phone the following:

Darwin – 0419 822 859 or (08) 8983 2475
Katherine – 0407 958 405 or (08) 8973 8888.
Details to report

You will need to give the following information about the crocodile:

estimated size
time of day that it was sighted
your name and phone number in case the rangers need further information.