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Your Vote for Recreational Fishing in the NT

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Recreational fishing is a prime lifestyle and cultural component of living in the Northern Territory with 25% of our population owning a boat and participating in this great sport of ours. The fisheries of the north are world class and the habitat that supports them is relatively pristine, allowing our $100 Million dollar economy based on recreational fishing to prosper.
AFANT believes that in order to ensure these fisheries and the great lifestyle we enjoy survives into the future we as anglers must be vocal about protecting, enhancing and supporting our fisheries.
Click on the link below to view our special AFANT Election Breakdown newsletter and a detailed summary of what each major political party is willing to fund to improve your recreational fishing experience in our AFANT Election Commitments document.

Please bear this in mind when you cast your vote on the 28th.

AFANT Election Commitments AFANT Election Breakdown

Mangroves die in the Limmen Bight

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AFANT has been very concerned by reports of the death of thousands of hectares of mangroves if the Limmen Bight and the Gulf of Carpentaria. These mangrove deaths threaten to have a severe impact on the Barramundi and Mud Crab Fisheries already under pressure in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

 AFANT has written to the Hon. Gary Higgins, Minister for the Environment expressing our concern and urging a scientific investigation by the Government into the cause of these mangrove die-offs.

 Long time AFANT member and fishing journalist Dick Eussen has written a story on the mangrove deaths which can be found by clicking on the link below.


Election commitments to enhance and improve Recreational Fishing in the Northern Territory

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Prior to 2016 Northern Territory election the Amateur Fishermen?s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT)  is seeking commitments from all major political parties to support  a variety of infrastructure projects and fisheries enhancement initiatives that we believe would significantly improve recreational fishing in the Northern Territory.  These projects and infrastructure suggestions have been divided into various categories for ease of reference ranging from Short Term/Low Cost Projects with often direct and immediate community benefits right through to Long Term/High Cost infrastructure and fisheries enhancement projects with significant regional and Northern Territory wide benefits.

The full document can be found by clicking on the link below.

Election Commitments for Recreational Fishing

Melville Bay East Arnhem Land Mud Wharf Community Project

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Work is now underway on the next Stage of the Community Boat Ramp works as part of the $500,000 commitment to upgrading the Mud Wharf facilities in Melville Bay.
Civil and engineering contractors have been utilising the extra low tides in the past 4 weeks to prepare the materials and rock foundations for the front of the existing sea wall for the next stage of the Project.
Further information provided by the Nhulunbuy Regional Sportfishing Club can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Recreational Fishing in the Federal Election

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The Federal Election this month will have some significant outcomes for recreational fishing depending on which party can form government and the makeup of the Senate. This includes issues such as the Super Trawler, Commonwealth Marine Reserves, recognition of recreational fishing as a stakeholder in Commonwealth Fisheries, the funding of a national representative body for recreational fishing and a national recreational fishing survey.

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation has complied a breakdown of the recreational fishing policies of the Labor, Liberal and Green parties.

This can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Federal Election 2016

Recreational anglers to lose access to Tapa Bay

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The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT (AFANT) was disappointed to recently learn that recreational anglers will lose access to prime land based fishing locations in Tapa Bay as part of the Kenbi Land Claim settlement.

AFANT was first briefed by the Government on the Kenbi Land Claim in late April and we were initially extremely pleased that the settlement did not appear to have any detrimental effect on recreational fishing access. Provisions were made in settlement for access to inter-tidal areas, camping on several of the Bynoe Harbour Islands, road access for land-based fishing locations and planning for future boat ramps.

AFANT Executive Officer said “AFANT was originally informed by the Government that there were 11 roads and tracks that guaranteed permit free access for recreational fishermen to the Cox Peninsula. We understand that this has now been renegotiated to 10 roads and tracks and we have lost access to Tapa Bay through the future closure of the Tapa Bay Road”.
AFANT understands that during negotiations to settle the Kenbi Land Claim, agreement was reached by the NLC and the CLP Government that when road corridors are widened, due to the loss of granted land, access would be closed off to the public on other areas of the Cox Peninsula as part of a ‘and swap’ process.

“The future loss of permit free access through Tapa Bay Road has come about due to the planned widening of the Cox Peninsula Road. This raises serious concerns that in the future recreational fishermen will face further loss of access on the Cox Peninsula” said AFANT Executive Office Tristan Sloan.

AFANT prides itself in showing leadership in addressing issues that affect recreational fishing in the Northern Territory and believes unless transparency is at the forefront of CLP Government communication with recreational anglers there will continue to be distrust over future land settlements with indigenous owners.

A map of these access road can be seen by clicking on the link below.

kenbi 3

Kenbi Land Claim Permit free Access Roads

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The 11 roads and tracks on the Cox Peninsula used by recreational fishermen to aqccess fishing locations are to be managed by the Territory and excluded from the Kenbi land claim;
1. Cox Peninsula Road
2. Wagait Tower Road
3. Charles Point Road
4. Rankin Point track
5. Pioneer Beach track
6. Tapa Bay track
7. Mica Beach track
8. Masson Point track
9. Raft Point track
10. Harney’s Beach track
11. Keswick Point track

Kenbi Map 2

Kenbi Land Claim Settled

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Last month the Kenbi land claim covering Cox Peninsula and Bynoe Harbour, one of Australia’s longest-running land claims was resolved.
AFANT is pleased to report that these negotiations resulted in no detriment or loss of access for recreational fishing. Provisions were made in settlement for access to inter-tidal areas, camping on several of the Bynoe Harbour Islands, road access for land-based fishing locations and planning for future boat ramps.

A full scale map showing sacred sites and any access restrictions can be found by clicking the link below.

Kenbi Map

Senate Inquiry Submission for unconventional gas mining (fracking)

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The Amateur Fishermen?s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT) recently provide a submission into the adequacy of Australia„s legislative, regulatory and policy framework for unconventional gas mining including coal seam gas (CSG) and shale gas mining.

AFANT has a strong commitment to ensuring the protection of the quality of the recreational fishing in the Northern Territory which is inextricably linked to the health and quality of the top end aquifers, rivers and waterways. Due to the risk associated with contamination of ground and surface water by the unconventional gas industry AFANT cannot support the further development of coal seam gas (CSG) and shale gas mining in the Northern Territory.

AFANT Hydraulic Fracturing Submission

Productivity Commission Issues Paper for Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture.

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AFANT recently made a submission to the Productivity Commission Issues Paper for Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture. AFANT believes that serious consideration must be given to the legislation in which Commonwealth fisheries currently operate.

AFANT believes recreational fishing needs to be formally recognised as major stakeholder in Commonwealth fisheries and the fisheries legislation and management procedures must be amended accordingly.

Productivity Commission Enquiry- Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture