Report Your FAD Fishing Catch and Effort

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By reporting your Fish Aggregating Device  (FAD)  fishing Catch and Effort you are contributing to important fisheries research and assisting with the evaluation and potential roll out of a new fisheries enhancement program.

Your report will help collect information about the performance of NT’s Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Fisheries NT and AFANT are especially keen to know about the species encountered and the methods used when fishing near FADs. Good information is an essential part of good fisheries management, so we thank you for playing your part in ensuring a bright fishing future!

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NT Fish Aggregating Device Locations.

There are currently 5 FAD’s deployed in Top End waters as part of the trial. Find them at the following locations:

Type: Yellow buoy with special marker and yellow flashing light.


Approximate position: 12° 40.000′S 130° 10.000′E.

Approximate depth: 20m.

North Gutter 1

Approximate position: 12° 05.459’S 130° 34.057’E.

Approximate depth: 30m.

North Gutter 2

Approximate position:12° 05.200’S 130° 33.740’E

Approximate depth: 30m.

Fenton Patches 1

Approximate position: 12° 10.290’S 130° 38.544’E.

Approximate depth: 23m.

Fenton Patches 2

Approximate position: 12° 10.013’S 130° 38.232’E.

Approximate depth: 23m.

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