Fisheries Infringements

Contact NT Water Police as soon as possible if you see:

  • Recreational fishers exceeding personal possession limits. 
    A General Personal Possession Limit (GPL) of 15 fish applies. This is the maximum number of fish a person may have in their possession at any time (other than at their place of permanent place of residence). Included within the 15 fish limit you may only have a maximum number of some specified fish species.
    Download the Possesion Limits flyer by clicking on the link below.
  • Fishing nets of any kind strung across creeks or rivers. 
    Police ask that you record the location of any net you find by GPS if possible and take photos or video of the net in the waterway. The sooner the Police get the details, the sooner they can act so call them at your earliest convenience
  • Commercial fishing vessels operating within restricted areas. 
    Getting the licence number is vital and both dinghies and motherships should have these clearly displayed. Commercial fishing vessels might not be acting illegally but, armed with the licence number, Police can quickly check their status.
  • Unmarked pots. 
    All pots must be attached to floats marked with the user’s name and contact details and police are keen to know the location of any that don’t comply with this rule.
  • Anything that appears suspicious. 
    No matter how insignificant something might seem, if you suspect it’s illegal, the NT Water Police Marine and Fisheries Unit is keen to hear about it — and as quickly as possible. Tiny snippets on their own might not lead to an arrest but they will allow police to build up a picture of someone acting illegally – and that person will get caught eventually.

Who to call
NT Water Police —Fish Watch free call 1800 891 136
Calling from Darwin — 131 444
Calling from outside Darwin or from a mobile phone — (08) 8922 1560