Fishing Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is a priceless gift of nature and it can only stay that way if visitors respect and protect its environment and adhere to special legal requirements for using its resources. Kakadu is subject to certain Commonwealth and Territory laws that apply to fishing and boating within its waterways. Park managers are keen to hear of any incident where locals or visitors are not adhering to the rules.

Northern Territory legislation, including Fisheries and Marine Acts apply throughout Kakadu unless specified otherwise. All commercial fishing is banned in the park. Anyone planning a Kakadu fishing trip is required under Territory law to carry correct safety equipment in their vessel and to fish within the legal possession limits. Certain Commonwealth legislation also applies in Kakadu, particularly the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Regulations 2000 which regulates fishing and boating activities within the park’s boundaries.
You are urged to keep an eye out for any evidence of commercial fishing activity within the Park. Telling signs would be the presence of commercial fishing vessels within the reserve, floating dead fish, gill net markers, floats or nets. Park managers are also keen to hear of any suspicious activities, interactions with crocodiles, navigational hazards and potentially damaging weeds that might have spread from infestations outside the park.

Who to call
Kakadu National Park Compliance & Enforcement Officer Phone: (08) 8938 1132
Mobile: 0427 381 132