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AFANT MEDIA RELEASE – Comments on Rec Fishing Controls

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The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT Inc (AFANT) has encouraged recreational anglers to have their say on the latest consultation paper from the NT Government; ‘Protecting our reef fish and the future quality of our recreational fishery’.

“AFANT has real concerns with the sustainability of key reef fish species golden snapper and black jewfish and believe that measures need to be taken now that are sufficient to ensure that recreational fishers can continue to enjoy this great reef fishery into the future.” Said AFANT President Warren de With today.

“AFANT will be seeking comments and feedback from AFANT members and the broader angling community on the proposed changes to possession limits and proposed closed areas, to inform a detailed submission to the paper.”

“What is clear is that for well over a decade the scientific and catch and effort data on snapper and jewfish has shown significant declines in the resource and measures must be taken to protect and recover the stocks.”

“It is also essential that management changes are implemented across all sectors of the fishery at the same time and AFANT will be making sure that the charter and commercial sectors pull their weight in the efforts to recover the stocks.”

“AFANT has and will continue to take a conservative approach to protecting recreational fishing resources in the Northern Territory to ensure that the great territory lifestyle and spectacular fishing opportunities continue to be available to recreational fishers across the NT.”

“AFANT has argued that fisheries management actions must be sufficient to ensure that the quality of recreational fishing experiences continue to be available.”

“It is essential that recreational fishers understand the proposal changes and have their say.” Mr de With said.

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