About Us

AFANT was formed in 1980 by a group of keen anglers who wanted a body to represent and advocate their interests to the government of the day. Incorporated in 1980 the organisation is recognised by both the NT and Commonwealth Governments as the peak body representing recreational fishing interests in the Northern Territory.

A group of 11 people, elected by the members, forms the committee which manages AFANT’s activities. A full time Executive Officer and Office Manager are responsible for carrying out office and administration functions and day to day management. They are the main contact point for members, government and it’s agencies, the media and the general public.

AFANT represents recreational fishers on many committees dealing with fisheries and natural resource management in the Northern Territory. These include:

  • The Recreational Fishing Access Working Group (RFAWG)
  • The NT Recreational Fishing Development Plan Working Group
  • NT Recreational Fishing Survey Steering Committee
  • Offshore Net and Line (Shark) Fishery Management Advisory Committee
  • NT Spanish Mackerel Fishery Management Advisory Committee (SMFMAC)
  • NT Coastal Line Fishery Management Advisory Committee
  • NT Mud Crab Fishery Management Advisory Committee
  • NT Fisheries Research Advisory Board
  • Tiwi Coastal Waters Consultative Committee, Manbuynga Ga Rulapa Consultative Committee and Anandilyakwa Consultative Committee
  • The Daly River Management Advisory Committee (DRMAC)
  • The NT Water Safety Advisory Council
  • Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee (DHAC)
  • Mt Todd Reference Group

All of these provide the opportunity for the recreational fishing industry to have a say on the day to day management of fisheries, input to policy development and the forward planning for sustainable development.

AFANT offers family membership for just $15 per year which provides the opportunity for members to have input to the work of the Association, to be involved in the election of its Committee and to provide support for the range of activities I which we are involved.

AFANT also has a number of corporate supporters who all have an interest in the recreational fishing industry in the Northern Territory and the work that AFANT does in promoting and furthering the development of our fishery. They add to AFANT’s voice when we speak on behalf of our industry and they provide valuable input to our organisation. We urge all AFANT members to recognise the support of these businesses by choosing to use their products and services wherever possible. Go to our Corporate Members page and follow the links to individual members’ web pages