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Do you fish Shady Camp, Mary River and Channel Point? Take the Land Claim Survey NOW!

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The Aboriginal Land Commissioner has commenced inquiry into the Woolner / Mary River Region Land Claim (No 192) and the Peron Islands Area Land Claim (No 190) – Would you suffer if you lost access or if access became costly / exclusive?

The claims relate to the bed and banks of parts of the Mary River (including Shady Camp, Shady Fresh, the Rockhole, Mary River Bridge Lagoon), parts of the bed and banks of the Wildman River (near the mouth), as well as the inter-tidal zone (coast line) at Channel Point / Northern Anson Bay and the Woolner / Mary Region (From the Mouth of the Adelaide River to near Tommycut Creek).

In his report, the Aboriginal Land Commissioner is required to inform the Minister (the decision-maker) about the impacts/ detriment that other people (like recreational fishers) may suffer if the claims are granted and future access becomes prohibited or costly.

So, if you fish in any of these areas, then we need to hear from you! Now! First-hand information from recreational fishers will be essential to AFANT being able to substantiate detriment issues for the statement we are preparing to lodge with the Commissioner.

If you care about fishing at Shady Camp, Channel Point, Mary River or Wildman River; you should take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Click here to take the survey now and put your evidence on the record!


We are also happy to accept more detailed submissions from fishers, clubs and associations. Please send these to with the subject: Mary / Perons Land Claim. All submissions must be received by Friday May 11.