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Kenbi Land Claim Permit free Access Roads

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The 11 roads and tracks on the Cox Peninsula used by recreational fishermen to aqccess fishing locations are to be managed by the Territory and excluded from the Kenbi land claim;
1. Cox Peninsula Road
2. Wagait Tower Road
3. Charles Point Road
4. Rankin Point track
5. Pioneer Beach track
6. Tapa Bay track
7. Mica Beach track
8. Masson Point track
9. Raft Point track
10. Harney’s Beach track
11. Keswick Point track

Kenbi Map 2

Kenbi Land Claim Settled

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Last month the Kenbi land claim covering Cox Peninsula and Bynoe Harbour, one of Australia’s longest-running land claims was resolved.
AFANT is pleased to report that these negotiations resulted in no detriment or loss of access for recreational fishing. Provisions were made in settlement for access to inter-tidal areas, camping on several of the Bynoe Harbour Islands, road access for land-based fishing locations and planning for future boat ramps.

A full scale map showing sacred sites and any access restrictions can be found by clicking the link below.

Kenbi Map