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Kakadu draft management plan

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AFANT today has submitted detailed comments on the Kakadu draft management plan highlighting what we believe are significant opportunities to improve access and management of recreational fishing in the Park. The rivers and billabongs in Kakadu are some of the most important areas for recreational fishing in the Northern Territory and as such AFANT has a strong interest in ensuring the best outcomes for recreational fishing are delivered in the management plan.

The recreational fishing sector has some significant areas of Kakadu that are off limits, we are strongly of the view that management of access not exclusion of recreational fishing from areas will deliver the best benefit not just for the recreational fishing but also the future visitation, management, public standing and use of the park.

The full AFANT submission is available below

AFANT submission Kakadu NP plan 2015

Ranger 3 Deeps draft EIS

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The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT Inc. has made a submission to the Ranger 3 Deeps draft EIS which is the proposed underground stage of the Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu NP contains some of the most important recreational fishing in the Northern Territory and we take a strong interest in the area and ensuring its environmental protection.

Attached is the AFANT submission

Ranger 3 deeps Draft EIS