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Submission to government green paper on northern development

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AFANT’s submission to government green paper on northern development makes it clear that recreational fishing should not be sacrificed in drive to develop the North.

In our detailed submission AFANT has stated our strong commitment to ensuring the protection of the quality of the fishing experience available in the NT which is inextricably linked to the health and quality of the NT waterways, landscapes and coastal areas.

We have outlined our real concerns that the drive to develop Northern Australia will come at a significant cost to the spectacular recreational fishing that the Territory is renowned for.

We believe that a balanced and considered approach to development, recognising the challenges of operating in the extremes of the NT climate and a robust approval and assessment framework which is sufficient to protect the environment and interest like the recreational fishing sector, is essential to ensure community ownership of the northern development agenda.

AFANT green paper sub 7.08.14

Daly River car clean-up

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The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT Inc (AFANT) has taken action to clean up a section of the Daly River

“For many years rec fishers travelling on the Daly River have been concerned with a couple of sites where a number of old rusted car bodies have been tumbling into the river.” Said AFANT President Warren de With today.

“A small number of abandoned car sites along the river have been gradually getting closer to and in some cases tumbling into the river as the river has eroded and changed course.”

“Last weekend AFANT has undertaken a major clean up with the support of the land owner and the local community to remove the old rusted car wrecks from the river and river bank.”

All but one of the car bodies was removed as this vehicle was partially buried and the decision was taken that removing it had the potential to cause disturbance to the river bank.

AFANT would like to thank AFANT life member Tony Hare, Vista Gold Pty Ltd, Darwin Game Fishing Club, Palmerston Game Fishing Club, NT Feral Pig Harvesting, Rydar (Tuddy) and Stuart Salzgeber, Garry Higgins MLA and the Victoria/Daly Shire Council for their support and assistance for this project.

The Daly River is one of the Territory’s iconic fishing rivers; it is beautiful and in a relatively natural state and AFANT is proud to be involved in cleaning up this site to improve the environmental health of this important recreational fishing river system.” Mr de With said..

Daly River Car Cleanup 2