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Northern Australia development

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AFANT has recently provided submissions to both the federal parliament joint committee and the NT government inquiry into the Northern Australian Development agenda.

 The Northern Territory is recognised nationally and internationally for its spectacular fishing and relatively natural areas; this recognition is the reason many interstate people move to or visit the NT.  The Northern Territory’s reputation has taken decades of hard work and positive policy implementation to build.  AFANT is concerned that this significant reputation could be put at risk because of inappropriate or ill-considered development.

While the NT has some industrial and irrigation development and weed issues that have affected the quality of the river systems, the majority of the NT catchments are largely intact and in good condition. It is this good habitat and its healthy catchments that drive the quality of fishing the NT offers.

The recreational fishing industry is recognised as contributing a direct contribution of over $100 million per annum to the NT economy and this figure is growing.

AFANT is genuinely concerned that the drive for development will come at the expense of the Territory’s unique natural environment and the spectacular fishing which is a key driver of the lifestyle and tourism attraction of the top end.

The full submission can be found here Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia to NT