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Fix access to the Daly River during the runoff

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AFANT is calling on the NT Government to fix the boat launching issues at the Daly River. This is the second year running that what is arguably the most popular NT fishing destination has had limited, difficult or no access during the best time for the run off fishing.
The current situation (18 March)  is that the Woolianna Road is open (with 4X4 and weight limits) but the boat ramp remains closed due to “flooding”. The river is currently at 2.34m above the crossing; not what I would call flooding on the Daly River.
A large number of people have contacted us frustrated by not being able to launch at the crossing due to the mud and have driven to the Woolianna boat ramp and said that the road and ramp was quite ok.
AFANT has been in regular contact with the government over recent weeks with the view of getting the issues sorted out and the ramp opened. We have also made it clear that a plan needs to be put in place for future years around the management of the road closures, mud clearing and road and ramp reopening so that fishers can access the Daly during the run off and the same issues do not occur in future years.
The NT Government has made much about being open for business. The recreational fishing industry needs to also be included in that and having no safe reliable access to key river systems hardly live up to that mantra.

It’s up to everyone to protect our waters from ferals

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The outbreak of feral Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) in Fogg Dam and the Adelaide River floodplain highlights just how vulnerable our aquatic environment is to introduced plants and animals.

AFANT is calling on all Territorians to do the right thing and protect our amazing waterways from noxious and introduced pest plants and animals. read More..  29.01.14 Media release Feral Fish

AFANT Mud Crab submission

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Read the AFANT submission to the Mud Crab Fishery review 


Mud Crab Review submission 2013