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AFANT MEDIA RELEASE – Comments on Rec Fishing Controls

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The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT Inc (AFANT) has encouraged recreational anglers to have their say on the latest consultation paper from the NT Government; ‘Protecting our reef fish and the future quality of our recreational fishery’.

“AFANT has real concerns with the sustainability of key reef fish species golden snapper and black jewfish and believe that measures need to be taken now that are sufficient to ensure that recreational fishers can continue to enjoy this great reef fishery into the future.” Said AFANT President Warren de With today.

“AFANT will be seeking comments and feedback from AFANT members and the broader angling community on the proposed changes to possession limits and proposed closed areas, to inform a detailed submission to the paper.”

“What is clear is that for well over a decade the scientific and catch and effort data on snapper and jewfish has shown significant declines in the resource and measures must be taken to protect and recover the stocks.”

“It is also essential that management changes are implemented across all sectors of the fishery at the same time and AFANT will be making sure that the charter and commercial sectors pull their weight in the efforts to recover the stocks.”

“AFANT has and will continue to take a conservative approach to protecting recreational fishing resources in the Northern Territory to ensure that the great territory lifestyle and spectacular fishing opportunities continue to be available to recreational fishers across the NT.”

“AFANT has argued that fisheries management actions must be sufficient to ensure that the quality of recreational fishing experiences continue to be available.”

“It is essential that recreational fishers understand the proposal changes and have their say.” Mr de With said.

The paper can be found at


Lower Mary Recreational Fishing Barramundi Survey

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2013 Mary River recreational tagging survey final report

AFANT received applications from 29 crews who registered to participate over the two weekends. All participants were required to complete an indemnity and registration form.

Based on the returned information from participants the following is a summary of the survey:

  • Total angler/line hours                                                                               511 hours
  • Barramundi caught and tagged                                                                 46
  • King threadfin caught and released (not  all were tagged)                  47
  • CPUE for barra and threadfin                                                                   0.18 fish per angler hour
  • Average barramundi length                                                                        60cm
  • Average FL threadfin                                                                                    73cm

The largest barramundi caught was 117cm, two barramundi in the 90’s and 4 in the 80’s.

After the first weekend NT Fisheries reviewed the tagging protocol and tag placement for king threadfin and the new tag site is on the 2nd dorsal fin. Most of the threadfin salmon caught were tagged before being released on the second weekend.

AFANT is currently working with NT fisheries to implement a comprehensive angler catch and effort data and tagging program to be put forward as part of the package to monitor the removal of the closure.

attached is the full report if you would like to be kept informed of further results or activities on the Mary River please contact the AFANT office

2013 Mary survey report 

The Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the NT Inc (AFANT) is working towards removing the seasonally closed areas on the lower Mary River management zone.

 AFANT has welcomed the CLP Governments commitment to create a recreational only barramundi fishing area from the southern part of Fog Bay to Kakadu NP and looks forward to working with the NT Government to deliver the maximum benefit from the new recreational only barramundi fishing areas.

“As part of this process AFANT is working with the NT Fisheries division to conduct targeted research into fish release survival and any potential catch effort impact on barramundi and threadfin salmon in the lower Mary River system”. Said AFANT President Warren de With today.”

“AFANT and NT Fisheries will be conducting survival, tagging and data gathering in the lower Mary River system in October to assist in gathering data on the barramundi and threadfin salmon population, focusing on the survival of released fish particularly large breeding females.”

“AFANT is calling for interested anglers to participate in a catch and release tagging and data gathering effort on the October neap tides.”

“As Mary River management zone rules still apply and the tagging and data will be conducted under a fisheries permit, only registered parties will be able to fish in the area and only on the stipulated dates. It is likely that the number of boats may be limited and priority will be given to the first registered.” Mr de With said.


for more information see the following document  Mary River Oct 2013 survey

The fish surveys will be conducted on the following dates:

Weekend one –    Friday 11th October 2013 to Monday 14th October 2013

Weekend two–     Saturday 26th October 2013 to Tuesday 29th October 2013


To register contact AFANT on 8945 6455 or email

Tag kits, catch and effort data sheets and tagging instructions will be provided to participating anglers.